I have a lot of dreams. And I love it. I wonder how those dreams come true… One of the dreams was: goats. Why? My thoughts lead me back in time. I’m searching for the old bonds that have been broken. Bonds with the earth, nature and wilderness. How to build self-sufficiency? So I start dreaming about goats. And asking (and asking) my beloved husband how to make the dream truth. After months he was lured into saying: “If you really want it, … Read More

Tarzan skogen

How strong you are together, try everything and experience it all. Fully live the presence, perceive what is around, be part of it, at least for a moment …..And I just enjoy to silently watch you.


Cranberries, these bittersweet fruits are interesting to taste, but what with many? Rørte tyttebær! Mix 200g of cranberries with 100g of sugar, put in a glass in the fridge. It will last for several months, but it will also fall during the week……………

Adventures 2015

                               Petrika – the boat of friend Kjell

Bruvik 2014

Hordaland in Norway is lined with fjords and high mountains. There is the most rainy area in Norway, so we can often enjoy rain, rainbow, hail, waterfalls and moss-enriched forests that look like a mysterious fairy-tale world. When you climb the mountain path, a reward is a breathtaking view, where everyday worries fade. That is where I and my family grow now. We had earlier thought about trying to live in another country when we had two children. But as … Read More


…czech family place, home of 8 siblings, a place with many memories………………

One day

we met and deeply fell in love. And the strength and desire and joy and indolence added our world to five worlds of childhood. This is my family, my nest, my everything. Why? Why build a nest and feed, take care without stopping without having a rest? As I am getting older I feel that children have been given to us for our personal growth. They open the way to true life, humanity, the question of why and what is … Read More