Bruvik 2014

Hordaland in Norway is lined with fjords and high mountains. There is the most rainy area in Norway, so we can often enjoy rain, rainbow, hail, waterfalls and moss-enriched forests that look like a mysterious fairy-tale world. When you climb the mountain path, a reward is a breathtaking view, where everyday worries fade. That is where I and my family grow now.

We had earlier thought about trying to live in another country when we had two children. But as other children came, we abandoned this idea and wanted to settle in our native region. Then my man came up with the question: what about to try for two years in Begen in Norway? I can get a position at university. And I said: Why not? And in half a year we and our five children here. Thanks a lot our new Bruvik friends to welcome us there.

                               Tarzan skogen Neset - Bruvik