I am … jeweler who made jewelry with love and passion. I believe that the energy I put in will touch you. … admiring nature, sea and mountains, music and dance, children’s ingenuity, my dear man, inspiring people….a mother of five small children. They are a gift. Thanks to them I grow, discover, live to the fullest. In September 2014 I moved with my family from the Czech Republic to a village Bruvik in the stunning Hordaland region in Norway. Here we are discovering new land, new habits and of course the Nordic people. During my everyday work here I can enjoy a beautiful view from the terrace to Sørfjorden, on passing boats, seagulls, sun, rain, mountains hidden in the fog and beautiful white church. Beauty, joy and energy of all of this I am passing to the fairytale world of my jewelry.



June 2013


I use silver Ag 925/1000, minerals, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals … Each piece of jewelry goes through the phases of drawing, careful processing and artistic photography. My jewelry is sold mostly as the only original.

                                                      Pavla Michalkova